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The Gorge Amphitheatre

The Gorge Amphitheatre is a 27,500 capacity outdoor concert venue near the Columbia River in George, Washington and is managed by Live Nation Entertainment. The Gorge is considered to be one of the most scenic concert locations in the world. Opened in 1985, this venue offers sweeping and majestic views of the Columbia River as it skirts the foothills of the Cascade Range (southbound), as well as extreme eastern Kittitas County and extreme western Grant County. It is also known for its spectacular views of the Columbia Gorge canyon.  

Due to its remote location, beauty and reputation as a premier entertainment venue, many visitors opt to make this a camping destination, especially during festival events.  The nearest sizable town to the west (Ellensburg) is 43 miles away and the nearest sizable town to the east (Moses Lake) is 38 miles from the venue. The small town of Quincy is located 16 miles (26km) to the north of the venue with very limited accommodations for the public. The Gorge Amphitheatre is located approximately 8 miles north of Interstate Hwy 90 on Silica Rd, approximately 150 miles (240km) east of Seattle and 130 miles (210km) west of Spokane. 

The Gorge hosts an average of 18-22 event dates each event season, spanning from Memorial Day weekend into mid-September each year. These event dates are comprised of multi-date festival events (Sasquatch! Music Festival, Paradiso Festival, Watershed, etc.) as well as single concert dates when touring acts wish to perform at this intimate and beautiful venue.   

The Gorge Campground


Camping at the Gorge has become a destination in itself over the years. Visitors from all over the world wish to enjoy their favorite Festivals and see their favorite artists perform at this Venue. Our guests are given the opportunity to connect with friends, both old and new alike. Many veteran guests make a pilgrimage to the venue each year for certain concerts and festivals. They make specific event preparations so as to be able to reunite with family, friends, classmates, fellow travelers and other dedicated fans. 

The Gorge Campground lies directly to the north of the venue and has a capacity for approximately 5000 vehicles. There is a Fest Camping area just to the east of the campground which can accommodate another 1,200 vehicles. Other camping areas include our Premier Camping Area, family / ADA camping facilities, and a luxury “glamping” location (The Terraces). During large festivals, one main parking lot just outside the main venue will serve as “Big Rig” camping for large buses, motor coaches and RVs. There is also The Gorge Oasis (yurt village) just outside the main gate with up to 48 tents available to provide an extremely high end customer experience. During our largest event(s), you will see up to 27,500 visitors moving between these areas and enjoying their different entertainment options outside of the main venue. 

The Gorge Campground is connected to the Gorge Amphitheatre by a pathway which extends approximately 500 yards from the entrance of the Campground to the main parking lot(s). Many visitors who camp in the Main Parking lot(s) spend a significant amount of time in the Main Campground area due to its facilities, vendor presence and overall atmosphere.  

The infrastructure at the Gorge Campground provides guests with a Campground Store, ATMs, shower facilities and access to a variety of food and merchandise vendors. The Gorge Campground has a dedicated security and guest services staff as well as on-site access to EMS and law enforcement. The Gorge Campground has become famous for providing an eclectic mix of vendors, entertainment and a unique customer experience to the public. We continuously strive to improve the quality of our Venue for each of our customers. Each year we add to our infrastructure so as to make The Gorge Amphitheatre and The Gorge Campground more comfortable, more enjoyable  and more accessible to our guests.    


The Market Economy

The Gorge Amphitheatre consistently attracts an annual audience of between 300,000 to 400,000 visitors. The majority of event dates are in a festival format and most festival visitors will remain on-site for the duration of the event. There are limited hotels, grocery stores, restaurants or other services in the near vicinity of the venue. This provides a captive audience that relies on The Gorge Campground and its vendors for most of their goods and services. Consider the sheer volume available to you as a vendor in this environment!       


The Gorge Campground will see many new site improvements in 2020! They include a larger main vending area, new showers, more permanent buildings and paved pathways will all become part of the new Campground vending experience. We are digging trenches for new utilities, building new pads for mobile food vendors and providing closer access for you to be able to camp closer to your vending pads. 

In addition to the main “Pivot Area” of the campground, there will be more vending opportunities in our Main Parking lot(s), Fest Camping and closer to the Campground Store (the Triangle). Because of very strict zoning, permitting and site development challenges, our master development plan will take almost three (3) years to complete.  However, there will be significant and noticeable improvements for you to enjoy each time you visit us at The Gorge Campground in 2020. 

Other than physical site improvements, we are also changing our approach towards how we select and place vendors throughout the venue in 2019. This will be a transition year for all of us so we ask you to “pardon our dust” as we make important changes to both the Gorge Campground site and the structure of our Vendor Relationships.     

Vending Locations


The main congregation area of The Gorge Campground is an area referred to as “The Pivot”. This is named so because this is where the center of the main irrigation arm “pivots” and all camping in the main lot expands outward from this point in concentric circles. Basically, the “Pivot” is the center of the universe as far as vending is concerned at The Gorge Campground. 

The next largest vending area is a new space we refer to as “The Triangle”. This area lies just to the north of the Campground Store at the entrance to the “Premier Camping” area. This is a very active vending area where people congregate to purchase food, coffee, beer and ice. Furthermore, most campers attending an event must pass by this location to gain access to the pedestrian pathway that takes them to / from The Gorge Amphitheater Venue). ~~~~ We are also making space for a vending area we refer to as “Fest Camping”. This will be located at the entrance of our expanded camping area (see PDF under “Links”). This area is solely reserved for self-contained food trucks or food trailers.

We are excited to provide a new vending area just outside the Main Entrance to the venue. This area will be in the main parking lot between the Box Office and the Main Gate. We have aptly named this area “The Main” as it will be there to serve the thousands of guests who accumulate in line for gates to open each day, especially during Festival and other General Admission events. The advantage of this location is that almost every guest to the venue, whether it be a camper or day guest, will pass by this location. This area is assured to have the highest traffic count of any vending location as it will service the “Big Rig” parking lot, main day parking lot(s), VIP camping and staff accommodation areas. Based upon availability only!

To vend your Food product INSIDE The GORGE AMPHITHEATRE (only), please only contact Aaron Marlow at Legends at:

To vend your Food product INSIDE The GORGE CAMPGROUND (only), please continue to fill out the vendor application form attached to this web site.      

To vend your Merchandise or Services product at EITHER Venue, please continue to fill out the vendor application form attached to this web site.      

Click Here for a PDF of Vending Spots - GORGE CAMPING.



Vendor Criteria


There will be three (3) specific types of vendors with whom we will engage at The Gorge Campground. These will be considered to be either (A) Food & Beverage, (B) Merchandise, or (C) Services vendors. The application process will vary between each of these groups as each they all will all experience different selection criteria and will have different infrastructure needs. However, there are a few common criteria we require from anyone wishing to join our vending community at The Gorge campground. We are committed to selecting the very best candidates from each of these three (3) groups and will use the following criteria for selection: 

 A. Quality: We are looking for vendors who have made a substantial investment towards their product(s) and presentation. This means we want to present a clean and positive image to our guests. Elements such as signage, lighting, ambience, cleanliness and dedication are key to our selection criteria. The personal appearance of your staff will also determine your reputation. 

B. Reputation: We want vendors who have a proven track record in business. We are only interested in working with vendors who have a positive, professional attitude and who will be an asset to our economy. You must work well with others to be welcome in our vending community at The Gorge Amphitheater and Gorge Campground. 

C. Uniqueness: We want to present our guests with a unique customer experience. That means we want for them to have quality, creative choices that leave them hungry for more. Although we cannot guarantee exclusivity for any product in every situation, we are here to work with you to help make sure you have the best possible opportunity to be profitable in our economy. 

D. Professionalism: We expect our vendors to be well prepared, to be on-time for every deadline (payments, compliance, documentation, load ins/outs) and to be responsible for their staff.       

The financial opportunity


We understand the needs of our vendors at The Gorge Campground and at event economies in General. They are highly speculative and can be risky financially. Some events provide a better than expected return while others can prove more challenging. We understand your concerns! This is why we have re-designed our approach to vendor relationships with the following financial consideration(s) in mind. 

A. Maintaining a proper vendor / guest ratio – This means that we want for our vendors to have the most consistent possible earning potential for each event. If we provide, for example, ten (20) food vendors for an event with 20,000 guests, then we might try to limit an event with 10,000 guests to ten (10) food vendors, leaving you the same ratio of 1/1000 as a food vendor. This is difficult and cannot be guaranteed, but we will make our best efforts to provide you with a consistent market share.  

B. Providing product placement options – This means that some vendors might not be able to, or might now want to be part of a certain location in our vending economy.  Therefore, we will have different pricing options for different locations available to you as a guest vendor.

C. Exclusivity – We will limit the scope of vendor products so that vendors do not have to compete with one another at the same location within our venue (food only). We usually limit our vendors to a few signature products. This is not guaranteed but we will make every effort to give you exposure and solidarity in our vending relationship(s). 

D. Building a Brand – As we invest more and more into the vending economy at The Gorge Campground, the customer experience will grow exponentially. This means more people will want to return each year = more people will attend shows = more shows will get scheduled = more sales for our vendors = more income for everyone. Each vendor we select must add to the value of this brand and understand how to contribute towards these goals.       

Vendor selection process


Once you have acknowledged that you have read and understand the Venue Information data, you may submit an application for consideration as a guest vendor. We ask that you submit your application with as much information as possible. The more we know about you, the better chance you will have of being selected! 

We also ask for your feedback in the application process. Both The Gorge Campground and this website are under construction and we want to make sure we are giving you the most information in the best way possible.       



We are currently accepting applications for all events as they pertain to the 2019 event season at The Gorge Campground. You will be able to submit your application on-line (ONLY)!  We will then begin processing your information in a timely fashion. Once you have submitted your application, we will review your credentials and contact you by e-mail. Our e-mail address is as follows:  

Please understand that we will be processing hundreds of applications and we will respond to each of them in a timely fashion. We will contact you to verify that we have received your application and will follow up with you via e-mail. We might also contact you to ask for further information to better serve you as a prospective vendor in 2020. 

The application process will ask you which festival(s) you are interested in attending and / or whether you want to attend each event this season. 

We will begin responding to each current applicant no later than March 1, 2020. As a rule, the vending application deadline for each event will be 30 days prior to each event date in question. 

Our web-site will ask you if you are interested in Food, Merchandise or Services vending opportunities. If you are a current vendor at The Gorge Campground, we will begin contacting you beginning February 15, 2020. As a prior vendor, you are still required to participate in the application process.      


We are purposely omitting our vendor pricing options from this information website to limit our dialogue to qualified applicants. Once we have received your application package and have vetted your information and background, we will contact you directly to discuss an offer to vend in our community. We might request a site visit or personal interview with you before extending an offer. We are not looking for quantity, but quality vendors to participate in an exclusive vending opportunity.   

About us


Full Circle Vending, LLC. (FCV) is an independent property management company based in the Pacific Northwest who specializes in the development of vending economies for large scale venues. FCV has been created as a separate entity to provide our client (Live Nation) with a professional management team and has been contracted to perform the following duties:  

1. Develop the infrastructure of the Gorge campground. 

2. Maintain the Real Estate asset(s) of Live Nation. 

3. Manage all third party vendor relationships. 

4. Create and maintain a superior vendor environment. 

LIVE NATION, Inc. has allowed for the creation of this separate Property Management entity to address the unique challenges and opportunities at The Gorge Campground. The name of this business entity is FULL CIRCLE VENDING, LLC. (FCV for future reference). The main reason for this is to separate any conflicts of interest and / or challenges that might arise between our corporate relationship(s) and locally owned businesses. The second, and more important reason, is to be able to work with local vendors to provide a more unique and intimate vending environment. Our mission is to establish The Gorge Campground as a signature destination which in turn will increase ticket sales for LIVE NATION as a concert promotion company. We feel that providing a local presence will allow us to better coordinate relationships and create a better customer service experience for all parties concerned at The Gorge Amphitheatre and The Gorge Campground.   

This means that moving forward, our management team will be your (exclusive) landlord (as it pertains to all vending) at The Gorge Campground. Our management team will also oversee and manage all third party Merchandise vendors at The Gorge Amphitheatre (NOT food).

FCV will select each vendor, set all performance protocols, standards for excellence and execute each site lease with you as a vendor (no exceptions). Our personnel will be on-site with you 24/7 during each event and be there to assist you as one of our stakeholders. 

Our number one priority is to provide a clean and safe vending experience for our client (LIVE NATION), vendors and the public at large. This means we will work closely with the Grant County Health Department, Sheriff Department, venue security and EMS to help ensure that everyone is able to work within a safe, clean and professional environment. You will be operating under the jurisdiction of several entities and be responsible for the safety and quality of your products, services, staff and equipment. 

Our goal is to provide vendors at The Gorge Amphitheatre / Campground with the proper infrastructure, ambiance and on-site assistance for all parties to be able to maximize their revenues. Please continue to read the FAQs provided on this site before submitting your application.

Please visit this site often as we will be updating our Venue information and FAQs on a frequent basis. We will ask for your feedback to help clear any confusion and / or improve this process for all parties concerned. 

Venue Maps, Health Permit Applications and other Information available in the”Links” section. This section will be updated frequently as the 2019 season approaches. 

Please also submit any questions you may want to have addressed in this section by submitting them to: 

Please, do NOT e-mail your application to this address! This web site has a section called “Apply Here” where you submit your application form on-line, which is then archived and directed to our Compliance department. E-mailed applications will NOT be accepted by Full Circle Vending, LLC. 

Thank you for showing your interest in vending at The Gorge Amphitheatre / Campground for the 2020 season. We look forward to doing business with you!  


Your management team @ Full Circle Vending, LLC.